Applications are displaying wrong stats

Same thing happened to me and @smitmartijn told me re-upload my applications to re-synchronize but it didn’t re-synchronize and obviously doesn’t work as intended. Now I’ve lost my most ‘important’ application stats and have stopped caring about them since I’m not a top user in any application any longer.

I do not think, that reupload will fix my problem, cause the apps are assigned to computers which never had pulse app usage. This computer has even only 3 pulses.
Overall times will possible matches, didn’t know.

But Firefox has a chrome icon^^

Ah yes they’re fixed now :slight_smile:

(sorry for late reply)

I re-uploaded my application stats and now many of the entries (on the website) have either disappeared or have been reset to only include the stats from the last pulse.

For example, Google Chrome keys have been reduced from over 200,000 to 3,162 - the amount of keys in the latest pulse.

Applications that were not present in the last pulse seem to have not been affected.

I have managed to restore most of the problems. As for the ‘re-upload’ goes, I’m afraid the server that received the apps, wasn’t ready for the new schema and overwrote the stats, as some of you witnessed.

Should look a lot better now!

Sadly, no difference for me - apart from the appearance of an application that i’ve never seen before that has 800,000 keys.

Sorry, but for me the data got more rumbled than before :frowning:
No a gamelauncher gets usedtime, clicks and keys which he never will get in a whole life. Possible it was previously IE.

So, is it now secure to reupload application or will this overwrite any stats?

Some of my app stats are wrong:

// browser/tor/tor.exe UNIR 3w2d8h12m17s 1,135,261 394,897
13-12_win7_win8_64_dd_ccc_whql Casa 2w5d12h49m47s 410,174 172,085

The icons have changed. For example, Firefox shows Chrome icon.

And version of the apps is not working now.

Not sure about the other problems, but the icons on your apps list look fine to me. That may boil down to a caching issue. Try refreshing the page while skipping your cache (Ctrl + Shift + R in Chrome and Firefox, instructions for other browsers here).

Ok, thanks!!. It fixed my priblem.

It no longer overwrites but stats aren’t restored.

OK, I reupload my applications cause of this bug:

But now, my pulses looking like this

Same problem here!

My latest pulse looks like that too. My pulse on 9th Feb. looks normal.

I’ve installed Whatpulse again en it’s fixed.
But maybe its not the definitieve solution…

Anything new on it? Will this be fixed or will we get thé possibility to delete wrong data?

Have a lot of rubbish in my account like Setups and launcher which get usage time of more than a day and millions of keys…

Anything that you think is wrongly counted towards the wrong application will be fixed by using ‘Settings’ → ‘Advanced’ → ‘Re-upload Applications’