Applications are displaying wrong stats

Bascially, every single value on my apps page is way too high at the moment. ó_ò

Website vs client:

Same here. And some app icons are not correct:


Just noticed the same. Something weird going on with stats on site.

Fixed! The presentation was off; the stats were doubled with each application version. So 1000 keys with 33 chrome versions turned into 33000.

I pulsed during the broken stats and now the per-application stats have reverted back to the values before the pulse (the overall stats have saved though).

No. Only the presentation of the statistics was faulty, everything in the database has remained the same and your pulse has been added like usual.

According to the website’s application usage, i’ve used Google Chrome for 1 year and 51 weeks and pressed 21 million keys and 10 million clicks… doesn’t seem like 4 weeks, 118k keys and 65k clicks. Any ideas what caused this?

Look again. :wink:


Overall stats pulsed but per-application stats didn’t.

For example, I had around 8000 keys on an application, ‘PPSSPP’. I pulsed with another 22000 keys in this application. The total has remained at around 8000 keys.

Your last pulse contains the 8000 keys you’re talking about (see here: - I think the pulse you’re talking about didn’t go through. Try again.

Like others ( & I’ve run into some problems too after the maintenance. My application stats are broken but in a weird way:

My 3 most used applications (probably more but I don’t care about them) thinks that I only use it one one of my computers even though I use them on both. It used to look like this so that I could see the total amount of keys/clicks per computer but now it only says PC or Laptop. It shouldn’t really be a problem but it is since the website only counts the keys/clicks from the computer that is said to be the only one using the application. This really annoys me since I was about to be the first to get 2,000,000+ keys on Google Chrome legit (Bogy cheated his 4,3m~ keys some time ago, look at this album and see how he just suddenly gets those 4,3m keys: ), and now it only counts my laptops’ Google Chrome activity.

The thing is that I on the website can click on a pulse and can see what applications I used and how many keys/clicks/minutes I used them. I can see that my keys from Google Chrome from my main PC are registered in my pulses but they just don’t show up in my total Google Chrome usage.

All of this is becuase of the maintenance some time ago I think. The maintenance also caused 1000 keys in Google Chrome version 33 to count as 33000 so the top users on Google Chrome are not right since some people gained millions of keys even though they just typed a couple of thousand. This hasn’t been fixed and now I’m number 5 with one cheater (Bogy) and 3 people who got 33x too many keys one day in front of me and I also can’t get keys registered on my all time usage of Google Chrome from my main PC. This is really quite annoying and this really needs to get fixed.

I know it’s not really a big deal for most of you but it kind of is to me since I feel like you don’t really care about if someone on the top 10 is legitimate or not.

So please fix my application stats and also clean out the top users on Google Chrome. Thank you.

P.S. This guy suddenly went from not showing up in the top users on this application to be number one with a lot of keys. I use this program everyday in school which is why I have so many keys but this guy seems to have glitched or something.

This all has been fixed yesterday, as you can see from those threads. It was a global thing, not per user, every user had the problem and it was a simple presentation issue, not a data issue.

All users on the chrome list have the correct keys and can be backtracked to their accounts.

If an app is not registering (you can check by viewing your pulses on the website and checking the application list), you can use ‘Settings → Advanced → Reupload applications’ to re synchronize your apps with the server.

So if I re-upload my application stats they will appear again? I really hope this works because it’s really weird how one day I can see both computer on my ‘Applications’ page on my profile but the next day I can only see one and the other doesn’t register there.

Also, how could those people suddenly gain millions of keys on one day? Did they always have those keys but an error just made it look like they didn’t? You said in one thread: “Fixed! The presentation was off; the stats were doubled with each application version. So 1000 keys with 33 chrome versions turned into 33000.” - doesn’t this mean that those people’s keys are off? I’m quite confused.

No one has “gained millions of keys on one day” - like I said in the previous reply and the other threads; the issue was a presentation issue where the stats were doubled (or more). The data has not changed.

Some of my application stats have disappeared for one computer. Firefox and Internet Explorer should have stats for my ‘Bloopy at work’ computer as well. They were included in my last pulse for example.

Also, the user application settings page seems to be broken, it’s not loading anything:

Not sure if it’s related, but Firefox is showing with the Google Chrome logo:

I have the same issues.

After re-uploading my application stats from both my PC and my laptop to try and bring back the disappeared computer(s) I’ve lost my 2,011,000+ keys in Google Chrome, 280,000+ keys in Microsoft Word and 260,000+ keys in Microsoft Onenote.

It seems like it isn’t ‘re-syncing’ when you re-upload application stats but rather just delete some of it at put something else back. It isn’t working properly.

Here’s what it’s done: Application stats have been rewritten with the values of the last pulse (instead of adding the last pulse statistics onto the total). The stats of applications that were not pulsed most recently have remained true, whilst the stats of applications included within the last pulse have been rewritten.

I’m having the same issue, which is that it’s displaying only one Computer on some apps which should’ve had (and used to have) two.

He might have not pulsed in a long time during which he obtained all those keys.

Not everyone who have gotten lots of keys in a short time are glitching. Some people, as mentioned before, might pulse more rarely which is why they look like they popped out of nowhere.
I, for one, (me being Robby250) got so many keys in Google Chrome and VLC media player because I watch lots of anime online and movies during which I spam some keys (mostly the numpad keys) in order to get higher ranks. If you ask me, it’s not exactly legitimate, because those keys are used for nothing but getting higher ranks, but at the same time they’re made by my own hands so I’m going by the rules. I only started using the latest version recently which is why I popped out of nowhere.

My stats are scrambled too.

Got from 5 Computers down to 2 (for some apps) on other a Computer is shown which possible never send applications infos.