Application uploading not yet supported in Linux client?

Just a quick question from the title.

I don’t see the additional options that were added in the windows client, but I do get the dropdown menu as shown in the screenshot. However, manually uploading applications doesn’t seem to have worked (I tried multiple times about 6 hours ago and nothing has shown up on my profile). Is this intended or is something going wrong?

It’s supposed to be missing. It seems as I forgot to hide ‘re-upload applications’ on Linux. :wink:

Linux is a nightmare when it comes to application info, so the client might support Linux in the future, but I’m not betting on it.

I figured that it wouldn’t be very easy. No worries, just wanted to know what was up!

Anything new on that topic?

possible the only way is via rpm/deb (pacman or whatever the distributions use as package manager).

Anyone knows how wakoopa did get these informations?

Probably not. Even with rpm/deb/pacman/whatever, there are too many application databases and it becomes a pain to track it all.

possible you’re right… but I think using rpm/deb will catch 90% of all distributions… (except mine :frowning: )

in my ubuntu machine whatpulse is seeing the apps that have been run and the times they’ve been running (as long as you install/run whatpulse as the same user and not as root)

so i have a nice list of apps and their respective durations. It’s sad that they don’t appear on my account; there are quite some recognizable apps like Firefox, Thunderbird, Gnome-Commander, google-chrome, steam, etc etc

I really think that if they can be put in a nice list on my computer, and that list looks quite the same like if i boot to windows on that machine; what can be the problem to upload that list of applications?
Maybe you guys could start with a seperate category; Linux-Apps before intermingling all the apps in one big melting pot? And if the seperated apps work out fine, we could work from there and see which things can be added to the general apps database. Maybe we could add (Lx) suffix to the linux apps; to distinguish them from the windows apps; just to keep things clear (and not getting certain windows tools mixed up with linux tools that do something completely different like cat.exe vs cat (lx) (info: cat.exe = code amber ticker, cat (lx) is a built in tool/command for linux for duplicating/creating txt files; a bit like “Copy” & “copy con” in windows)

anyways, i’m deferring… i just hope we can finally show off our linux tools we’re using and how much we’re using them in our stats … cuz that’s what’s stats are for!

Linux apps don’t (or don’t have to) provide application information, like version or vendor. The website needs this information before it accepts new applications, otherwise the identifying process does not work and it cannot ‘file’ the application in a proper place.

Considering there’s a large set of 'IF’s (if rpm, if deb, if apt, if whatever, ignoring system binaries, and i’m probably forgetting some stuff) and the percentage (1.41%) of computers running the Linux client, it has not been given priority.

Your point …

But, if there are free developer resources, why not put it on todo with ultra low priority?

for 95 % of the 1.41% there are still ony to ifs deb or rpm… but sure, you both are right, this should not get to much priority.

Who says it’s not on the todo list? :wink:


Is there any “public” ToDo/Ideas/Requests/Milestones/etc list?


Sorry for “reheating” this thread, but WP tracking windows binaries with no file infomations and pulsing this fine. WP linux binaries with no file information (execpt name, path and icon), why not pulsing that too?

For version information (if needed):
archlinux: pacman -Qo |grep -Po “\d+[.?\d+]*-?\d”

It does not, actually. It only displays it if there’s another user that already uploaded the information and the server matches it on the binary. That initial information needs to be there before it accepts it.

Hu? It does not except another user did it?

ATM WP works perfect for me in Windows, all apps (neither with or without file information) gets an app id. Cause some of them i’m the only one, who use it, i think i uploaded the “necessary” informations. Sure, some absolutely different apps (same name, different size, icon, path, date) gets the same id, but posisible this could be fixed/splited later.

But I think this is not the point of this discussion, here we discuss about application tracking/pulsing in linux

Has there been any progress on this? :3

Nope…The overall number of Linux users has also deteriorated, from when this was brought up, which makes it less of a priority.