Application Scrobbling not working propper

You’re absolute right. But whats the Problem about a Initial upload of informations? To much data?

ATM you allready tracking different Versions? Right? Sure, beside the checksum, there is allready a algorithm needed, which determinate which apps are the same (but different Version). this could done by the fileinformation, this could done manually or in some combinations with the filename.

absolutly right… but Looks like we do not get the Point of each other^^

I simply like to that that all aplications, which are actively use will be tracked.

Also i possibly found the “bug” on DC89… on applictions table, almost all apps were set to sent_online 0

[quote=“Megachip, post:21, topic:12641”]
You’re absolute right. But whats the Problem about a Initial upload of informations? To much data? [/quote]

The problem is, that you -DO NOT- have the application information available. All applications that have information filled out, get uploaded, only that ones that do not have any info do not get uploaded.

You’re stuck on the idea of that if the app info is not available on a certain .exe, we will go around searching the internet for that application and auto correct/fill the app info, which we don’t. The client and website fully relies on the application info.

Which behaviour affect sent_online 0/1 ?

Looks like I cant get a proper working app-pulsing.

Installed WP 2.2.2b1 on a clean Win8, enabled “Upload application info” and wait…
On every pulse “pending_application_stats” get emptied, but “applications” is still empty.
Pulses said “No application data found”

How long will it take until application data is parsed and shown on website? (Waited approx 4h)

ATM i’ve 2 windows systems, where application tracking works mostly. (Not really working on dc89, scrobble almost nothing - see screenshots) Some apps like winrar (has application info) or led (has none) are not proper submitted. On both systems i’ve using wp since 1.7 or earlier. One is Win 8/8.1 64 bit, the other XP 32 bit.
On all other windows systems, xp, 8 … i’ve never got any application data seen on the pulses of the website. On all these systems i do a fresh install of WP.

Another Problem which i’ve recognised today: Looks like WP not scrobbling the actual used Version number but an older one

Perhaps WhatPulse needs to be transparent about the application upload process. It’s mysterious voodoo at the moment! As Megachip’s screenshot shows, the application data is recorded locally. Every application listed with activity recorded since the last pulse should be uploaded with the next pulse. If it’s not, WhatPulse should tell us why not.

How about a separate log file specifically for application uploads? List every application and either “success” or an error message to tell us it can’t upload the data for that application.

Thats interesting… looks like something in the detection algorithm has changed?

Most of the executables without any fileinfos will be tracked online… except LEd :frowning: But some apps with informations didn’t get any online_app_id :frowning:
Tested on a clean System with new wp install… all works fine as expected.

But what about existing DB’s?
Is there any possibility to recheck any app without an online_app_id?
→ Re-upload Applications
Now I have at least 2 different apps with the same id :frowning: