Application Profile Link

Hey Whatpulse!

I think it would be a great idea to link the Application Profile Page, the on with the Application Information, from your Profile Page.

So, for instance, on, all of the Applications I use are listed. In order to see whether or not I’m in the lead for Uptime on Euro Truck Simulator, I have to go THrough the new Applications page and Find Euro Truck Simulator in the 87 Page list, which is a bit of a pain. When I finally find it, I click on it and Brings me to the Application Profile, (Which tells me I’m #3).

I think it would be a big time saver to link up my Profile Page with the Application Profile page, which would save us a lot of time!

Just a thought,


Great idea. This would be a great time saver and really needs to be implemented.

We’ll take it into consideration.