Application "Last Used" Date

I think that it’d be nice to see add a “Last Used” or “Last Seen” column to the applications lists in global/user stats.


[code]Application | Computer(s) | Time Used | Keys | Clicks |Last Used

Hexchat IRC | [Expand] (3) | 10h44m36s | 14,247 | 978 | 2014-06-08 20:14[/code]

It’d be interesting to be able to see that data, plus it would fill up a little of the whitespace on the right side of the application list.

I like this idea.

I personally would prefer a relative time instead of a timestamp


Last Used

9 Minutes Ago

Would you really want this on your public profile, or just something you’d want to show for yourself?

I’m having some doubts about displaying it on a profile, as it can be pretty sensitive data…

I agree. Perhaps this feature could be added to the private applications list (, maybe with an opt-in for public visibility.