Application info upload

I am confused about the application info upload.

I didn’t check that feature until today to actually upload the info from my desktop.
It obviously only uploaded what happened since the last pulse. But why? Isn’t the option to upload all stats when they never have been uploaded before not interesting? Or is it built in and not working?
The stats are all there and there is the option “re-upload application info” - what is this option for if it is not uploading the already collected info? Nothing actually happened when I used it - only the stats since last pulse got uploaded on my regular daily pulse.

Can someone explain that feature more detailed? Is this a bug and should actually upload all given stats or is it meant that way…?

Is this probably connected to the fact that all stats are correct up to “6 months” period, but completely wrong for “1 year” and “all”? (using my Editor heavily, clicking on 1 year or all it only has 26 keys ie. this machine has been installed 9 months ago. Problem does not apply to ie. ICQ, which seems to count correctly over 6 months.)

thanks for any explanation

(Win 7 X64, latest WP client)

It does not upload all your stats, just the ones you generate after you’ve enabled the feature - just like you’re seeing.

And why not? It collected all the data, so why not uploading all of it?

Simply because it needs to be in sync with the website for the application details while gathering the stats. The client uses info it got from the website when pulsing, which links the local application to the website application.