Application Data Not Being Uploaded


My application data stopped being uploaded a few weeks ago. Despite several pulses while using applications, the pulsed data is not added to the website. For example, I use Chrome for several hours each day, but the usage statistics have remained the same for quite some time now (for example, uptime has been stuck at 3w13h43m8s). Other applications are the same way.

I am running WhatPulse 2.2.1 on Windows 8, 64-Bit. Upload Application Info is checked, and I am running as an Administrator. I’m having this issue with the program on at least two of my Windows 8 PCs.


Application statistics and information is being uploaded just fine from my Windows 7, 64-bit computer. However, in version 2.2.1 it does not upload application statistics from either of my Windows 8 64-bit PCs, even after completely re-installing Windows.

I had this problem in the past, then some sort of server-side filtering of weird data was put in place, and it worked for a while. Unfortunately, it has stopped working again.

I’ve just pushed a website update where there’s a page you can view the pulsed data…it’ll show the apps stats inside a pulse. It’ll only show app stats from pulses that are made since this push, so you’ll have to pulse again for it to show anything. Please do so.


No application data appears in any of my recent pulses from Windows 8.

If you’re talking about the pulses from AsusLaptop, they don’t contain keys or clicks either, and there isn’t any unpulsed app data sent along with it (so it’s processing fine, but nothing gets sent), so it appears they are empty pulses, except for the bandwidth…

That’s understandable, I left my computer on all night to re-download everything from Dropbox.

However, my most recent manual pulses are not showing up on the site, and my statistics are not showing any changes.

Basically, nothing from the last ~3 hours or so is visible.

Edit: Pulses are now visible, but there is no application data associated with them.

You’ve got 7 pulses of the last hour…but none have app data sent with it, looks like the client doesn’t know which stats belong to which app. I suggest using the ‘Re-upload applications’ functions, which realigns your local apps with the apps on the website.

Done. I will check back in about an hour or two.

Did you see the upload window? No request came through, got a firewall that could be blocking stuff?

I saw the upload window, and it appeared to be transferring data. Whatpulse has a firewall rule exception, so it should be allowed through.

Send me your whatpulse.db file, maybe there’s an application which name or path screws up the upload.

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