Apologies for completely neglecting the Whatpulse community over the last two months or so; I’ve just started at Huddersfield university so I’ve been super busy and just haven’t been on the forum at all over that time so really sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Got lots of work to do but will try to be a little more active on the forum :slight_smile:

~ Chris.

I think we all really neglect this place ; ; i know I do!

I’ve been doing it more and more lately, but mostly because work is kicking my ass, along with school. I’m still keeping an eye on this over my phone though, so no horseplay!


I just keep forgetting to check it :smiley:

But it’s not that much of a problem, not really active anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

[QUOTE=’[Ryder];27404’]Yeah :frowning:
The community would be better if the Forum was much more active.[/quote]

We’re working on it, tried to bring it a bit more active with the Arcade, but that only lasts so long when I’m not able to add new games to it on a constant basis. I’m all ears for ideas on how to boost activity and regain our inactives.


Well I’m new so I can’t talk.


I think a lot of us have lapsed for a variety of reasons. I’m back to visiting my forums daily again, so yay! :smiley:


Heh I’ve been out just due to both birthday and just workload. Then again most of my hobbies have been going south lately :confused: