Anyone here like writing or poetry?

Just wondering if I’m the only writer here. Tell me what sort of stuff you write, or if you have a blog. Thanks!
I like short poetry, short stories, and Western novels personally. I have a blog. It’s a nice way to pass the time and (maybe…) get famous.

I write fantasy stuff as well as Role Play as a were-wolf :3.

That’s cool. Get anything published? It’s pretty easy nowadays. I find the hardest part of writing is length. Usually I run into a wall after 150 or so pages.

I have nothing published, I have been rewriting a book I have been working on for about 13 years now over and over and have not been satisfied with it lol.

I maintain a blog about rational thinking and skeptical inquiry. I’m currently writing a long article against religion as inspired by Hitchens. Might go to 50 pages, which is a lot for a random college dude like me.

I write the occasional poem/song, though I could never get interested in adhering to the “rules” like poetic metre, form, rhythm or singing in tune. The last one I posted was Post-Traumatic Stress.

I have a couple of ideas for short stories. I haven’t made much progress, but I had to start writing just to get the ideas out of my head! I did write this short thing in 2007.

I write reviews of computer hardware for a big website. Churn out 10000-15000 words a week. Bit hard to write creatively when you test 8 products in a row which are basically the same, and I suffer from writer’s block a fair bit, usually at least one week of the month anyway.

I am really interested in sci-fi and fantasy writing. I have a few ideas for books which I am working on right now. I am in the planning stages for all of them, but I was thinking about starting a blog to release new chapters when they are ready. I’m kind of on the fence about that since the blog might hurt sales if I do get them published.

My favorite one right now is about time travel and is entitled “If You Could Do It Again”.