Any updates on the new version?


I think we all know the 2.0.x line is buggy, and we are all waiting for a fix for these problems we’ve been encountering. The development team were a little open with the current progress for the newer version of WhatPulse, but now they seem so silent. Any news on the upcoming version? I’ve reverted back to 2.0.1 because:

2.0.2 - crashes, sometimes corrupts the db, constant HD access
2.0.3 - keyboard/mouse freeze, random crashes
2.0.4 - keyboard/mouse freeze which makes it annoying especially when you’re working

I hope the guys in the programming team gives updates if any on the upcoming version. The 2.0.x line is becoming annoying with their bugs, and I loved how simple and tiny 1.7 was before.

I also think the stats are become more and more unreliable as the clients often crashes without us knowing it, and all our uptime/keycount/mouseclicks/download/upload stats not counted.

The nice part about the freezes is: I know, that Whatpulse crashed again…

I’m still on 2.0.1a. Sure it’s not 100% with the uptime, but it works.
If you’re worried about writing too much data all the time with the earlier versions, look into FancyCache. You can delay writes to the drive to every 2-60 seconds.

Another thing for Windows, never minimise WP to tray. Just minimise to task bar.

I use a program called Restart on crash to monitor and restart whatpulse 2.0.1 when it crashes. The only downside is I have to turn off logging for that, otherwise it fills the disk, and when whatpulse goes down, it doesn’t clean up its tray icon, so I’ll wake up to about 25 zombie Whatpulse tray icons that fade on mouseover…

It’s getting a little annoying, where you have to be alert if WhatPulse has crashed, otherwise it’ll miss your keystrokes and everything. My new problem is that WhatPulse crashes and it doesn’t run unless you uninstall it and remove the data. :frowning:

I’m using 2.0.4 - no crashes, but the freezing is quite annoying. Also i think that db file at my home puter might be corrupted, as it shows some keys with 0 hits as red.

Maybe there should be an option to disable all the stats (heatmaps, bandwidth) and just leave the mouse and key count (.wpw file).

If you are on the earlier versions that write to the HDD every second, look into getting FancyCache installed. It uses a bit of RAM (up to you how much) to stores all the writes in memory over a period of time then writes them all at once to the HDD. So on folding machines, set write to every 1200 seconds, jobs done.

WhatPulse is crashing more and more often and it’s getting annoying. I may have to remove WhatPulse from my daily routine now

This is quite odd actually, I discovered one thing, the longer time the operatingsystem is installed, the larger is the chance that Whatpulse crashes. But now I have reinstalled Windows due to bad Nvidia drivers(damn u Nvidia). And I have not experienced any crashes or freezez, well except of the Geek Window that never updates like it dit in with 1.7 versions.

Here comes to funny thing, I have 2.04 installed i my Linux Mint partition, and there the Geek Window is registering every click and kb pressing when I do something. Takes less then a second, and I can see every little red dot on the WP icon in the notification panel.

So basically, on Windows(pick version yourself) it is more laggy then on Linux. Well, those are my opinions.

2.0.4 works perfectly on my Mint too.

That’s because the longer you use an operating system, you’ll naturally download more programs and applications as time goes on. If any of these programs or applications come in conflict with WhatPulse, say bye bye to the stability of WhatPulse, especially if it’s something that you must have on. Keep in mind WhatPulse 2.x is relatively new as well, so there must be some bugs that need to get squashed still.

[quote=“fatsa, post:10, topic:11666”]
2.0.4 works perfectly on my Mint too.[/quote]

Affirmative, same here. After fixing the issues with the recognition of the NIC, it’s probably the most stable WhatPulse installation that i’m currently running.
[ Much unlike the many crashes and starting problems on Win 7, Win XP, Win 2k8 and Win 2k3. And of course the installation issues in Debian 6. :wink: ]

“we’re not there yet.”