Another Invalid Token with Vista...

I keep getting that error message “Invalid Token” whenever I try to Pulse my keys. I just lot about 2 mil, but that’s alright, I type often enough anyway to regain it in less than a week if I really wanted to. ANYWAY back to the topic, I run Vista and I was wondering what do I do so that I may be able to pulse once again? I guess I’m asking where the .wpw file is so that I can delete it, then uninstall whatpulse and reinstall it. x-x;

Please and thank-you in advance.

First thing is first - until you have things stable, don’t shut down, sleep-mode or hibernate without first pulsing.

But then… try moving the whatpulse folder away from the program files directory. Make it, oh, C:\Whatpulse\ and run it from there. That might help things along, at least until a newer release comes out that is more compatible with Vista’s security measures.

i get that token issue on XP if i leave it running for 12hours or more untouched.

Also now pulse before i leave the machine. Then i restart it once i get back after a quick pulse test. If the token error happens then i close/reopen it.

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oh and i use winxXP SP3 -latest hotfixes and latest stable 1.5.exe

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Does service pack 3 come with UAC (User Account Control)?