Amount of Applications

I’m following the general stats and facts for days now and the amount of applications stays the same (3158). Does anyone know why this is? Or is it a bug?

P.s. I really like the new general stats and facts in the project numbers!

It seems that the statistics page is not updating. It’s identical to this screenshot I took on December 11th.

I think this is quite a big stat to change on a regular basis, so perhaps it is done manually every couple of weeks or something.

They are updated every 30 minutes…not sure what you saw, as the jobs are running and I’m tracking updates as they go by, everything looks good.

Inquizitor’s screenshot is identical to what I had open in another tab from a day or two ago, so there clearly was an issue. Seems to be fine now, though.

Yeh it seems that the stats have now updated for me also.