Also can't pulse.

When I try to pulse, i see the following message “An error has occured while communication with the website. Proxy connection closed prematurely” Please help

Your proxy server is not allowing the connection to - inquire with your network admin why that is.

If you don’t need to use a proxy, disable it in the client settings.

Its my home computer and i can pulse on the other computer on the same computer. I dont use a proxy.

If you don’t have to use a proxy, disable it in the settings.

I’m sorry, but “i can pulse on the other computer on the same computer” does not make sense to me, please try to rephrase.

Got a popup a few hours ago saying it can’t pulse because the proxy connection was refused.

Exact error:
Title: “Error while pulsing! - WhatPulse”
text: “An error has occurred while communication with the website: Proxy connection refused”

Might want to fix the typo in there too… communication should be communicating…

I went to check if there were updates and it also failed: “Feed download failed: Connection refused.”

No proxy settings are enabled. It’s currently set to “auto detect proxy”. I tried unchecking that box, saving, and pulsing but I got the same error.

Restart the client after changing those settings.

He means he can pulse on a different physical computer, onto the same “whatpulse computer”, ie home, work etc.

That’s an assumption, you can’t know that for sure. :wink:

I ended up changing the proxy settings to not auto detect, then back on to auto detect, then turning whatpulse off and on again. That did the trick… No idea why though!