Alrite people :)

Guess I might as well just make ma own thread instead of postin in someone elses!

Hows it going folks!

its going and how about for you?

Thats good to know, as for me things could be better.

I have a ton of work to do in a short space of time. Working on a few things. Currently working with mobile phone apps for one module, and developing cluster software for another. My only hope is I manage to implement support for the Cell processor as I’m experimenting with the idea of using that as a cluster node. And if I manage to add support for it in my tool it will be like having 6 nodes with only the power consumption of one.

I could have tried this with a dual core processor, but the PS3 makes it a bit more interesting and I’ve been told if I can get it working on one then they will give me another two to add on and benchmark with. Fun and stressful times ahead for yours truly :slight_smile:

And that’s why whatpulse interests me, I will be able to see how much I get done in a day, which has been interesting so far. Comparing click-count to what I was actually doing that day and figuring out when I’m more productive and what caused that!