All of my stats gone!

OK so I did a cold boot on my computer via power button in the case. When it started I saw a message that said “WhatPulse has detected another file generated by an older version of WhatPulse blah blah etc”
I clicked OK then it led me to new account creation.

I clicked on already member and BAM! Without pulsing… I had 0 keystrokes/clicks.

I had over 1 million clicks and 2.5 million keystrokes.


Personally, I think this is another case of people forgetting that they have to pulse for us to keep track of anything. If you keep 1 mil clicks and 2.5mil keys on your computer, you are at your own risk for losing them. We will not restore them. As such, if you believe your keys were lost on the website, then we have a different problem and you should respond as such.


So you’re saying… the reason my stats reset were because I didn’t pulse?

Basically. Any number of things could corrupt the .wpw file and since you didn’t provide any information from the “Read before asking for support!” thread, we can’t help any further to stop this happening again other than telling you to pulse more often.

WhatPulse is completely a web based application. You pulse to our webserver, where your stats are kept. Until you pulse, it is all on your computer and subject to be lost.