I hope you can implement alerts when you have typed for example 1000 keys.
I use the key count to reward myself when I’ve worked good, for each 1000 keys typed i might get a candy or something like that!

Kind regards

Something similar is on the roadmap…do you want to determine your own alerts, or would it be okay if they are static?

Something similar to the “pulse succeeded” pop up would be fine I reckon. Not in the way and easy to spot. Could make them colour coded depending on how big the challenge is.

I’d like to set a goal and when that goal is achieved I want a popup…
I guess the message can be static like “Goal achieved, 50000 keys”.

Exactly what I was thinking about, it would be great even without color coding.

I love this idea. Maybe some sort of (optional) audio feedback, like a beep or a ding upon hitting your goal would be nice as well. :smiley: