Activity throttle breached...

It’s been for a whole week now I’m trying to pulse on my desktop (XP) which holds an old account since 2006. Everytime I get the message: Activity throttle breached, try again in one hour or so. OK it’s been 72 hours now I’ve been waiting and it’s still the same.
I also have a laptop (vista) where I could pulse last week without any trouble.
I have been saving over a million keys now, and before my system should crash, I really need to pulse, or I wil lose everything.
It’s been happening before, the only thing I could do then is reset my token and lost 2 times about a million keys. This isn’t funny anymore, I’m getting bored with WhatPulse, considering throwing it off my system if no one knows a remedy.
I already send a mail to the webmaster, but no one’s responding. Anyone else who can help me? I’m member of the team Minatica for Belgium and I’m doing the race with our champion, Norke. Want to keep it that way to.

After I bought the Vista laptop, I made a second account, but it seems one of my pc’s has disappeared. Now I don’t know anymore which was the laptop and which desktop.
I’m writing the news for our forum, making tutorials, writing lessons… so I’m typing a whole bunch together. And sorry to say, typing fast too! :stuck_out_tongue:


You need to wait it out. It’s basically humanly impossible to have the averages you have, assuming you sleep, eat and work or go to school. If you don’t do those things, I can understand your averages.

Think you didn’t read well. I have a laptop (vista). I pulsed and this was accepted.
But I have also a desktop, it’s about 3 months ago since I pulsed there, and that’s why it’s about such an amount.
Trouble is, I can’t find my two pc’s anymore in my profile, seems someone deleted one (my desktop?) in database.

1 2010/01/14 09:03:40 4,574 0 0.00 0.03 0
2 2010/01/12 15:43:05 59,628 27,407 1.96 0.01 0
[color=Red] 3 2009/10/20 09:39:12 1,047,154 112,329 5.31 0.11 0.01 [/color]

The one in red is my last pulse on the desktop. These are my last 3 pulses. As you see, desktop pulsed last in october 09…
The last pulse was on laptop, to try if it worked and to search my desktop in my profile.