Account log-in problem

Username: kErAm
User ID: 139588
Google cache link:
OS: Win7 x64 Pro
WhatPulse version: 1.7.1
Error: Invalid UserID/AccountName!

When was the last time you pulsed? If you haven’t pulsed since 2008 (as the link seems to indicate), then it’s entirely possible that your account was inactive for so long that it was deleted.

Thanks for your respond. You’re right. It’s a couple of years since my last pulse. However, I succesfully logged in about two weeks ago. Could you please confirm the situation for me?

Activity is measured by pulses, not by logging in. We don’t track logins.

Clarification: It means that you can log in all you want, but if you don’t pulse for too long, you’re considered inactive. My guess (and wasted seems to confirm it) is that you were still active 2 weeks ago, but expired in that time due to not pulsing in so long.

I think you can start up a new account w/ the same name, though. Give it a try & let me know if it doesn’t work.