A lot of IO writes


Can somebody explain to me how and why WhatPulse is generating almost 9GB of data (to some place!?) in little less than 24hrs?


there I/O writes as in writing updated data to your hard drive

this could be used in the statistics maybe in order to prevent data loss instead of storing to ram where stuff goes missing for years if not longer

Im getting way less than that. 159,000,000
My max comes from utorrent, 6,000,000,000
Still 2 bil less than your WhatPulse at top.

9GB in 24 hours is only a few MB per minute, which could be the database. I’d be more interested in why programs need to be counting up I/O writes constantly, but WP is not the only one doing it. Memopal is the only program doing more here, and it has even less need to be making writes when it’s just monitoring some directories for changes to back up…

9GB is still a lot for some logging.
My biggest concern is that I have a SSD and I don’t want the lifetime of the SSD to be 10yrs shorter just because WhatPulse writes 9GB of data every day.

Set your windows temp directories to a HDD then and this should cause whatpulse to follow suit

Is a good idea to do this before you install apps.