A couple of 2.0.4 mouse issues

Prior to installing 2.0.4 the mouse heatmap was working fine. I was having problems updating to 2.0.4 however and wound up deleting my local statistics. Now the heatmap is no longer working. It says ever since I installed WP my mouse has never moved an inch from the middle of my monitor which is a lie because I work on Photoshop and play games a lot.

The above pic shows my mouse’s supposed position since February 3. I’ve tried reinstalling WP and luckily have it working without needing to delete my local stats again. I don’t think it would solve the problem anyway.

Another thing is that middle mouse button clicking isn’t tracked. Is this a bug? If I bind the button to simulate a keypress, that gets tracked. But if I reset it back to the system-wide acknowledged middle click, nothing happens.

Other than those two issues, 2.0.4 is working great. :slight_smile:

Most fps’s will lock your mouse to the center of the screen, so you are actually always clicking in that one spot.

Yeah, I’m aware of that, but I don’t play FPS games. I’m playing MMORPGs and in window mode because I alt+tab a lot during downtime.

MMORPGs and pretty much any game that doesn’t have a cursor showing will lock your mouse to the center of the screen so you don’t hit the edge of the window. In a menu with a cursor showing, the mouse clicks will be recorded correctly.

That still doesn’t explain the lack of movement detected when I’m not gaming. I only play 2-3 hours a day, you know.