7 Day Pulses not working on Site

I am not able to see my 7 Day Pulses for a little while now. I like to see it and compare to previous weeks etc.

This is accessed via your profile, and then on the latest pulses area when you click on the 7 Days link. The “Last Month” and “Last Year” link also does not work.

It navigates to a page which seems to be trying to load user ID 0 instead of my user ID.


Something’s definitely not right with your profile. When I try to load those links, it loads my stats (ID 193351) instead of yours.

My girlfriend tested it on her account, and it does the same thing.

Yeah same issue here, affects not only the last 7 days but also last 10 pulses, last month and last year. If you’re not logged in then the users parameter in the URL is set to 0; e.g.

If a user is logged in the the correct user ID is used when viewing your own statistics, however when you try and view someone elses last 7 days / last month etc it continues to use your own user ID (which looks to me like what happened with @Inquizitor


It wasn’t his account, it was globally. It linked to the userid of the visiting user, not from the profile you’re looking at.