3.0 heat map issues

Just upgraded to Whatpulse 3.0 and it’s reset my stats. because this happens so darn often with Whatpulse I have backups but they don’t seem compatible with 3.0.

If you’re going to force a wipe on our client stats then at least make it so all heatmap data (such as the keyboard heatmap) is pulsed online. that way we can still view the heatmaps online.

it’s the main damn reason I use this application, to view the keyboard heatmap, but it breaks or resets so often and always without warning so you go and check it and it’s been reset but you don’t know how long, so you have to make sure to have several backups.

That’s a bummer, heatmaps are the main other thing I pay attention to other than key count. Do you know if keys were reset too? I like to pulse after reaching a certain amount, usually a big even number.

It all reset for me (yes; total (and unpulsed) keys, clicks, up-l down-l). it’s all still on the website obviously but actual heatmaps are all client side unfortunately.

my old database file was 200+ megabytes and everytime I go and replace my current database it just doesn’t work (you could always use backups with the old client).

Edit: so don’t update if you want your heatmaps. I might go back to the old client and use my backup if they don’t fix this asap.


Sorry that happened to you - but there’s nothing in the client preventing you from using the database of an older client. Nothing changed in the structure, just the way of accessing it. I’m seeing tons of people update without problems, so it isn’t a structural issue.

What happened when you first started 3.0? And what happens when you use your old database and start the client?

Ok, I doublechecked and I think I know what’s going on.
it seems my Second PC is fine (everything moved across).
My main PC is the one with the troubles.

I use freefilesync to backup stuff onto other drives. but just now I used winrar to zip the folder before I stuff around with it, an error comes up saying the files are in use.
When I exit whatpulse it zip’s like it should.

so I think what happened was the old database I was trying to use is corrupt (as freefilesync would copy the files even with whatpulse running).
^keep in mind the database file is still 274mb.
I also moved my working database from my second PC and it works on my main PC so that confirms it.

That still doesn’t explain why it got reset when I updated to 3.0.

I’ll have to find a way to close whatpulse, back it up, then open whatpulse again (I think I can do it with task scheduler).

to answer your questions:
when I first started 3.0 I’m pretty sure it started in tray like normal, I then maximized it and it shows all stats reset (still logged in and it recognizes the PC).

When I use the old database it just resets to 0 every time, I can even watch the 275mb database file turn to a few mb as I start it.

I just updated; confirming that I didn’t lose any data (heat map, keys, etc.)

Yeah, so if another program takes the database and does something with it (i.e. locks it to zip it), there’s a chance that the client won’t like that and the database becomes corrupted. This is true for all applications that use a relational database.

Don’t backup the database when the client is running, as that also doesn’t guarantee a proper backup.