2.x randomly stops tracking keys + clicks

For some reason the client “randomly” stops tracking my keys and clicks, this has been happening ever since the new client (Version 2) was released and I’ve had the problem with every new release since.

There are no errors or crashes and the client is successfully tracking my upload / download, but it reports my keys / clicks as 0. The fix is to restart the client and it starts tracking again, but there are no indications it’s stopped tracking until I check my profile which can mean I’m losing days of key counts.

There is no pattern, sometimes it will work for a few hours and sometimes and it will work for days, it’s only keys + clicks that stop tracking, upload + download continues.

Any ideas what could cause this or how I can debug?

I’m using Windows 7.

I have the very same problem.

2.0.4 I’ve downloaded today seems working correctly.