2 computers - only one works - what am I doing wrong?


I have two machines, and would like to be able to pulse from both of them. Currently only one of them (my Linux machine) can pulse normally. The other computer (my MacBook Pro) refuses to pulse.

My account name is “k2eric”. Here’s a screenshot of my computers setup: i.imgur.com/KeumB.png

Here’s a screencap of what happens when I try to pulse from my Mac: youtu.be/oGvfJKAMoO8

I’ve read the documentation at whatpulse.org/computers, but unfortunately find it a bit confusing. It seems to interchange the terms “profile” and “computer”.


Hrrrm. Ok. The name we used for this feature has changed over the years. Initially, you would set up a “pulse profile” for each computer. Then, we started calling them “computers” to simplify things. But I guess we didn’t clean that article up all the way. Eep!

From what I can tell, it’s not an issue with the way the computer accounts (mbpro-15-late2008 & blue) are set up – but something with the Mac client itself. As I don’t own a mac, I wouldn’t be able to go into any more specifics than that. Hopefully, a Mac person will post a reply here soon.

The pulse log doesn’t update automatically, you’d need to hit refresh for it to update. Also check the other logs. If it still doesn’t say anything, try logging into the client again.

Thank you both for your input!

I’m happy to report that simply re-logging in (via WhatPulse > Account > Change Account) seems to have cleared up the problem. Lost a bunch of key counts from my Mac, but there are worse things in the world. I’ve pulsed a few times over the last 24 hours from both of my computers without trouble.

Thanks again!

Yay! I’m glad things are working, now. Happy pulsing!