2.4 doesn't pulse some new applications

Sorry for bothering you with this again, but after an extended usage of the 2.4 client, I have found that while some new applications do get pulsed, with a huge delay (around 1 day), others never get pulsed at all.
I have started playing the Wildstar beta around a week ago, and it did show up in the client app list with its keys and whatnot, but it never showed up on the website since then. I have played it multiple days and the client detected the keys and the app, but again they never made it on the website app list.
And it’s not only the Wildstar app. Multiple apps haven’t been pulsed since I used them. And I’m sure they’ve not been pulsed with some obscure name or abbreviation that I couldn’t find, because I searched thoroughly.

If this is an isolated case, can you think of any fixes for this? I am reluctant of deleting the database because it contains lots of info that I like having there, so I need confirmation that it might get fixed if I delete that.

Thanks in advance.

I am also having this issue. Applications are not being pulsed from my Windows 8.1 machines (AsusLaptop and KellysDesktop) While my Windows 7 machine (KellysLaptop) display application data just fine.

EDIT: My applications seem to be being uploaded again as of some time in the last few days. Strange.

Well, for me this is happening on Windows 7 x64 bit.

As an update, I have found the 2.3.1 for download on some obscure german website showcasing Whatpulse, in order to use it so that my applications pulse correctly again. I’ve found that new apps have stopped pulsing correctly on 2.3.1 as well.
So then after completely deleting the Whatpulse folder in Local (Appdata), I gave 2.4 another shot. It did pulse one new app on the first pulse, but then on the second pulse I’ve tested other new apps and they didn’t get pulsed. I’ve tried them repeatedly throughout the day, until I decided to delete the folder in Appdata again and reinstall 2.3.1. Now I’ve tested several new apps on different pulses, and they all got pulsed correctly.
So basically 2.3.1 works fine for me, while 2.4 doesn’t, and I’m gonna keep testing newer versions to see if the issue gets fixed. If not, then back to 2.3.1.

I’m having the same problem with my Windows 8 machine. All other machines will pulse new app info, but for the last week or two no new apps will pulse from my main computer.