2.0.4. red dot

After some time running the 2.0.4 client the red dot appears on the lower right corner. It stays there.
Looks like counting isn’t affected as in previous version

wp 2.0.4
win8 x64

Have you tried a complete uninstall and reinstall? I had a small issues when I override the install. I uninstalled and had it delete the user data. Now, I don’t have any issues so far.

yes, done that before without succes

After hibernate (and resume) the red dot is gone !

altough after some time it is back again.
So there are now 2 ways to remove it:

  1. close and start the app again
  2. hibernate and resume

Is it only the red dot? Counting works normal?

yes (with a small delay but that’s with and without the dot)