[2.0.4/OSX] System performance impact and password request


I’ve actually never noticed the memory usage of WhatPulse before this latest update, but I was pretty shocked to find that the program was occupying over 170MB of memory. Then again I’m not too sure if it’s only this version as I no longer have 2.0.1 with me, so I’m just putting this out here. If need be, I can help with a test on that version (so long as I’m provided the link to the file).

Also, despite the changelog of 2.0.4 claiming to be able to detect when the computer goes to sleep (and hence remove the annoying password prompt every time it wakes), I see no such change. In fact, once in a while it will prompt me twice for a password.

Thanks a lot! Awesome work by the way.

I had the problem with the password prompt too for some days, until I refreshed the RAM and PRAM
by clicking ++

+ at the restart. I wasn’t asked for the password 'til then!

Hope that will solve your problems, or at least the problem with the password prompt, too!

Sadly these steps didn’t solve the problem.
Some restarts later the prompt came again.

Tried it, gonna see how’s it gonna be on my side.

EDIT: Checked, clearing PRAM didn’t work at all. Still prompted for password every time network changes (including from wake).