2.0.4 mouse/keyboard lagging

Well, after I downloaded the new patch 2.0.4 I have noticed something that is really annoying when you play or just browsing. It happens to me like every 20th minute that my mouse randomly starts lagging. My mouse cursor starts lagging for like 5 secs when I drag it over my screen. Same is with my keyboard when I type it delays before you can see what i actually have typed. Anyone knows why this is happening? When this happens you can see a red dot on whatpulse icon in the corner.

Thanks in advance!

I have the EXACT same problem since I updated to 2.0.4 as well. My mouse and keyboard randomly starts lagging every ~5 minutes for a couple of seconds. It’s really anoying while working and makes playing games virtually impossible (I always have to close whatpulse).

Yes! I have the exact same issue, HDD seems to grind during the time that it freezes too, I was convinced that I had a dying hard drive and backed all my stuff up over the weekend until I got to work and realized just after I updated whatpulse the same things started happening here too. ctrl+alt+del on what pulse and the issue disappeared. Love the software you guys make, really scratches that geeky itch that no one else seems to do as well, so I hope you guys can fix this soon!

Yep, locks up for 2-5 seconds, not enough to be a huge issue but enough to be annoying, look forward to a solution thanks!

It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one having this issue. I really hope they fix it soon.

Hi, see my own thread here and some possible explanation of why it does that http://whatpulse.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=2546

Same problem here - Today I downloaded the latest version (2.0.4) - Every 5 - 10 minutes i get some freezing/lagging about 2-5 seconds. :-/

Same here.

I’ve been having this issue for quite awhile now, and even came to the point where I did a PC reset last night and reinstalled everything today. Even with all that, and a freshly installed copy of WhatPulse, I was experiencing the same issues.

A little bit ago, I noticed I was completely lagging out. I closed out of WhatPulse and wasn’t experiencing the issues shortly thereafter. What I did notice in Task Manager was that disk I/O was maxing out completely.

Edit: Didn’t include this in the post, but I am running 64-bit Windows 8. May be relevant since the pattern here seems to be with Windows 8.

Confirming that this issue occurs here as well using Windows 8.
Rather annoying when I’m trying to play Minecraft and suddenly my keys get stuck for a second and I waltz into lava >_>

I think there should be a patch just to quickly fix this problem up as I’m not going to wait until the next version is out :confused:

On my Windows 8 64bit PC (i3) the lag issue sometimes affects the audio playback while listening to music or watching a video (Spotify, Foobar or MPC). The soundcard makes a “lazer” sound for a second or so. Is anyone else having the same issue?

I have the same issue. Screen freezes for a second (every ~10 minutes) while watching video. No problems with sound here.
WindowsXP Pro 64 SP2

I had to downgrade to last working version on my OS which is 2.0.1 because I can’t stand mouse/keyboard freezes while playing games.

I thought my mouse was dieing and I was getting really frustrated with this. I was in bed thinking about a solution and then it occured to me that I had updated whatpulse around the same time this problem started.

Guess my suspicions were correct. Would like a solution because I can’t play competitive games with whatpulse on anymore.

Yep, same here. Win 7 64bit. Going back to 2.0.2

Same problem here. Where can I get an older version of the WhatPulse client (for Windows)?

I not only have the issue when I’m just doing desktop stuff. When playing FPS games the mouse also just randomly skips all over the place. I’m using Razer Abyssus

This was the last version that worked well for me, but you can replace the version number with the one you want:

Mine won’t stay open at all no matter what version now.

Same issue here.